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Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic

"One of the best places for learning to kiteboard in the entire Caribbean."

Learn to kitesurf 
Friendly Kite School

Friendly Kite School spot where we kite


Buen Hombre has one of the best kitespots in the Caribbean for learning to kitesurf.

  • Flat water makes learning easy and relaxing

  • We teach in the shallows. Your feet always reach the bottom.

  • Calm spot with few other kiters.

  • Most windy conditions on the north coast.

  • Enjoy more time on the water. +5 knots over Cabarete.

  • Wind starts earlier and lasts longer due to the shape of the coast and angle of the wind.

Friendly Kite School inside the store

Great conditions for all kiteboarders. Strong steady wind from the perfect angle most of the year. Endless opportunities for downwinds, kite-excursions and fun days at the beach.

Enjoy the friendly village atmosphere of Buen Hombre.

We're waiting for you!

The friendly kite school team


Playa Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic / Praia de Macapá, Brazil


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